A Few Notes on Payments to BookBrewed Authors

A few authors have asked us if self-published authors who have used Borders Get Published -- a separate service that is powered by BookBrewer technology -- have asked us if they will be paid royalties for their eBook sales. Just so there's no confusion, we're reposting this notice on BookBrewer.com.

The answer is a resounding yes! For titles published on both Borders Get Published and BookBrewer, we are just starting to receive sales data. In some cases we're also receiving payments from retailers. We will begin posting that data to your profiles this week. Expect to hear more about how to check your sales and prepare to receive payments in the coming days.

Also, as you may be aware, Borders is delaying payments to some large publishers as part of its refinancing plan. Note that self-published authors who go through Borders Get Published are NOT subject to delayed payments and have nothing to worry about. Payments for Borders eBooks go through Borders' partner Kobo and are then sent to BookBrewer, which is owned by FeedBrewer, Inc. Payments from other retailers are made directly to FeedBrewer. We are committed to paying authors as soon as we're able to pass those payments on to them.

Another thing to be aware of in general regarding royalty payments is that they are never instantaneous. BookBrewer doesn't receive payments from retailers for 2-3 months after books are available for sale. This is true for eBooks sold on Borders.com or through Kobo and Kobo-powered apps, as well as sales through other retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple and Google. This is why the Borders Get Published and BookBrewer author agreement states that we pay authors quarterly.

You can get a refresher on the author agreement you signed here:

If you come across rumors to the contrary, we would appreciate you directing people to this blog post. Thank you!

- The BookBrewer Team.