Printcasting is Now BookBrewer

Are you looking for Printcasting? It’s evolved it into a new service called BookBrewer. Please change your links and bookmarks to

Like Printcasting, BookBrewer is a service that makes it easy for anyone to create publications — but with a distinct focus on eReaders, tablets (like the iPhone) and mobile devices (like smartphones). In just a few minutes, you can turn a collection of Word documents or blog posts into an eBook that can be read on every major eReading device and tablet. It’s a publish-once, distribute-everywhere approach.

We made this shift from PDFs to eBooks for a few reasons:

  • Lower Cost: Starting with our launch of Printcasting in 2008, we received constant feedback from Printcasting users who, almost immediately after publishing PDF magazines, wanted to publish the same content digitally. This was partly driven by the high cost required to print and distribute PDF printouts during the recession.
  • Tablets and eReaders Are Replacing Printouts: The dramatic rise of eReaders, tablets and smartphones over the last few years have also created a better, more efficient way to distribute content that people can hold in their hands and read like a printed magazine.
  • You Can Make More Money with eBooks: One of the goals of Printcasting was to help small publishers make money off advertising revenue. We learned quickly that even though our ad tools were self-serve, they still required publishers to beat the pavement and sell ads locally, and sometimes even create the ads for advertisers using those same tools.Very few new publishers wanted to put in the time and effort to sell ads. Meanwhile, eBook sales have been increasing at a 300% annual rate. Because the book metaphor is predicated on people paying for content, we think small publishers stand to make significantly more money from selling eBooks than from publishing magazines supported by long-tail advertising.

But just because we’ve shifted our focus to eBooks doesn’t mean we’ve abandoned print. BookBrewer now allows you to turn your eBook into a Print on Demand book that’s printed and mailed to you, or anyone who orders it — something we always wanted to do with Printcasting magazines. The POD service is still in beta,  but we’re taking pre-orders.

We want to thank all of the people who used Printcasting, and for the Knight Foundation whose generous grant made it possible. If you created a publication through Printcasting and would like to try BookBrewer, please contact us at Let us know what your Printcasting user name was and we’ll send you a special coupon for 10% off a Print on Demand pre-order package.



Dan Pacheco

Founder of BookBrewer and Printasting