BookBrewer’s Latest Publisher: The Huffington Post

We’re honored to serve as a partner to The Huffington Post as it enters the eBook market for the first time.

Their first title, “A People’s History of the Great Recession” by Arthur Delaney, was created and published through BookBrewer and is available through major eBook stores now. Their next title, “How We Won” by Aaron Belkin, publishes on September 20. You can stay up to date on upcoming HuffPost eBooks on their site here.

We’re particularly excited to see journalists use BookBrewer to curate collections of stories and interviews into well-written books. As our CEO Dan Pacheco (a former journalist himself) discussed recently on PBS Idea Lab, BookBrewer has its roots in journalistic publishing through a Knight Foundation-funded project called Printcasting. Pacheco and media blogger Amy Gahran chatted about the possibility of journalists creating eBooks back in May. Now a major news organization is doing just that.

Delaney’s book is a perfect example of how a journalist covering a specific topic over a long period of time can combine articles into a compelling narrative. As Arianna Huffington says in the book’s forward, she hired Delaney in 2009 as their “Economic Impact Correspondent.”

“His job was to find families and individuals dealing with the consequences of the economic devastation and tell their stories in ways that captured the public imagination and touched people’s hearts,” writes Huffington. “Arthur’s reporting, collected in this e-book, will, I hope, help bring that much-needed sense of urgency to the public debate and our leaders’ priorities.”

The Huffington Post, along with many other news organizations, are sitting on thousands of such stories. Most journalists now blog or use content management systems of some type. Since BookBrewer is built on the Drupal blogging platform the interface couldn’t be more familiar to them. We can’t write the book for you, but if you can copy and paste — you can publish an eBook.

If you’re a journalist or editor at a news organization, we invite you to try BookBrewer now to create a free sample ePub file. When you’re ready to publish, our fees are as low as they can get — starting at just $19.99 — but if you’re the kind of organization that can drive high sales you may be eligible for one of our new Red Carpet Plans that waive setup fees.

Authors and publishers who distribute through BookBrewer also keep 95% of all royalties paid out by retailers. You can find more details on pricing and royalty shares on the Pricing page. Have questions? Please drop us a line and let us know what you would like to do. We’d love to see more journalists and news organizations join the eBook revolution and get paid for their hard work.

– Dan Pacheco, CEO,