The Free Virtual Office In The Cloud

This book is all about helping the owner of a small business to manage and market their business in the cloud.  More people search Google for "cheap virtual office" than for "free," but you get both in this book.  More than that, it's all about putting into place a complete management, marketing and customer service suite that's independent of the hardware you use, a true virtual office.  And, it will be available to you whenever and wherever you need it.  AND, you can do it for FREE!  Sure, some of these solutions have upgrades that cost money, but most will work for many small business owners, sole proprietors and consultants at their free level.  Those that have upgrades are very inexpensive.

The author, Jim Kimmons, is the Real Estate Business Guide writer for the New York Times owned website at  He's also a freelance writer, the author of hundreds of business management and marketing articles and a ghost writer with a dozen books about business and Internet marketing to his credit.  As a sole proprietor, real estate broker, and the owner of several Internet businesses, Jim highly values his time.

The solutions you'll read about are used by Jim every day in his businesses, and they were selected for two reasons.  First, they are time-savers that help him to operate and market his businesses with as little effort as possible once they're set up.  Second, they're really inexpensive or free.  While you can purchase software and services that can run into hundreds of dollars every month to get the job done, these will cost a tiny fraction of that.  This book promises and delivers at a minimum:

  • Email
  • Phone and voicemail
  • Document, spreadsheet & presentation
  • Image storage, video & editing
  • A free website/blogging solution that gives you freedom and
  • RSS and a Reader to keep up with the news and your
  • A calendar and event management
  • Customer support & communication
  • Email marketing & website
  • Document filing, storage, retrieval and organization
  • Employee files & Human Resource
  • Task and project
  • Accounting/billing

Jim's series will focus on bringing value and efficiency to the small business owner with eBooks priced at $2.99, less than the cost of a Latte.

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