Ebook and coffee as a good combination

The art of reading ebooks and brewing shots of coffee beans share many similarities. The digital technology help in your machine’s settings to ensure you always update yourself in ebook technology. Ebooks come in handy to replace the hard copy books, imagine the old way of walking from one library to the other looking for a specific book, this is a challenge solved by Ebook technology.

What are some of the similarities of coffee and ebook?


When great care is not practiced, it is easy to get addicted to coffee which sometimes may cause a health challenge. Addiction to either writing an ebook or reading it means you have to spend long hours sitting, which might lead to a sedentary life responsible for weight gain and lifestyle diseases. Conversely, in coffee you might have symptoms which initially you solve by drinking a cup of coffee, you might forget it could be a sign of an underlying health problem which might cause a serious health challenge.

Emotional growth

A motivational book has an impact of a change in attitude, it could be an inspirational book which comes timely when you are facing a similar challenge which you have no idea on how to handle. This will help in your emotional upbringing and in turn, have a positive effect on your physical health. similarly, coffee helps you to alleviate stress and relief you of depression which further help you to have a good mood when handling all the other life challenges. This, in turn, gives you positive energy ideal in giving you a positive energy.

Creativity and innovation

There is no direct formula for getting content for an ebook as an author. If you are a reader, your pace and mode of reading might differ although, you al aim at completing the book and possibly implement the skills. With this in mind, it means you have to think and be creative on how to put in a pictorial presentation to make the book interesting or add humor in your writing to make it a best seller. Brewing of coffee, on the other hand, puts your innovation in the cooking industry to task. What makes your coffee more tasty than the other one, how do you incorporate the ingredients to come up with unique coffee recipes?


The two industries have highly ben affected by the technological advancement, initially, with no internet, you had to go through a publisher before your book could get into the market, but now, you have a thought, out it in writing and upload it on the internet and Amazon online shops for you to get your audience. Brewing of coffee simply uses charcoal at the beginning, but now there ar even electric or gas powered coffee makers.


Ebook and coffee provide a good opportunity for development of a business. If you work smart to beat the competition you have the capacity to control a high market share in either of the businesses.

The comparative analysis of coffee and ebook as an art give you the possibility of growth and development in the economy of a country.